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Sedona Psychic Eye©

As a natural born psychic with over 40 years of professional experience, I feel a strong enhancement of my psychic gifts daily in what I consider to be the Earth’s most powerful magnetic, electromagnetic and electrical frequencies here in Sedona Arizona. Sedona is truly an amazing and unique spot on our planet. In the world of metaphysicians and mystics, Sedona is World renowned for its many vortices and energy fields, the effects of which have been documented as life changing and transformational by visitors and residents alike.  Astounding epiphanies, spiritual re-awakening and physiological changes are commonly reported by visitors and residents alike here.

As a Sedona psychic professional, I experience enhanced abilities to utilize my gifts and skills at greater levels of magnitude here in the portals of Sedona. The earth’s intersecting grid lines, vortices and their amazing intensity in this location is a magnifier. Plus, the Sedona energy field is more than just electric and magnetic, there is an antigravity / antimatter energetic field I feel here, thus the reports of UFO activity, mystic visions and experiences from outside this world and paranormal experiences are common place here.

Many who come here experience these unique events which I attribute to the multidimensional energy fields that are running concurrently consisting of many frequencies layered over each other. These energies flow from deep below the Earth’s crust, up into the earth’s atmosphere and out into space in waves of plasma. The locations where the ley lines / grid lines cross, where the spinning vortices of electrical and magnetic energy exists, the true energy frequency range is much more profound than I ever imagined.

As a result of being called to return to Sedona in 2014, my visions have increasingly “downloaded” in extremely intense “video and power point” style presentations of Akashic records.  Further, I seem to channel information in stronger clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairailient in this energy field than when I lived here previously. I am shown so much historical information and overlapping timelines that I am surprised at the depth of knowledge on multiple levels and dimensional fields that flow to me.

My Sedona psychic eye can see insights beyond my clients needs, crossing into a wider realm of knowledge beyond personal or business information.  The past, present and future is envisioned based on the intuitive downloads of information which is relevant to our current time. These are things I am able to share and will be described here from the perspective of my Sedona Psychic Eye.

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